Nukez Command

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Nukez Command

My homage to *the* original tower defence and RTS game of all time: missile command.

The objective is simple: defend your cities against an onslaught of nuclear missiles.

I had to rely on my hazy recollection of the original and online screenshots to make this, so apologies if I’ve left anything out. All the flash games online I found seemed to be pale imitations of the original.

Please let me know how many levels you can get through. If there’s enough interest I’ll try and improve the game and implement other stuff like leaderboards. [Left click] Shoot your missiles
[Mouse] Aim

Hints: Be economical with your missiles – don’t spam them. Try to lead the targets rather than aiming right for them. Also try to create chain explosions to destroy multiple missiles.

Nukez Command Screen Shots:

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